Garage door openers and their safety features

Though many people ignore their garages but the truth is that they are equally important as other parts of the house. And garage doors are the component that can secure greater part of your moving property i.e. vehicles. Thus, understanding their crucial importance, here, we are going to discuss about one of the main components of the garage door which is garage door opener.

Garage door opener is a mechanical device whose main function is to open and close the door. No doubt that you can do it manually but as the garage doors are much heavy, it is not safe to open it manually. Thus, garage door openers along with assisting us in opening and closing the door, also keep us safe from any possible injury. The fully automatic garage door openers are operated and controlled via an electric switch or remote whereas in the half automatic openers, you need to perform some operations manually.

Regular maintenance of openers is in demand regardless which among the three types of garage door openers you are using. Any issue with them will require the garage door opener replacement as they cannot ensure same efficiency after repair. So, to avoid this trouble and lessen your expenses, you are required to ensure proper maintenance for garage door openers.  Also, you can get your door opener inspected by the professionals when they come for any other garage door repair.

Garage door openers play a crucial role in providing us safety. Let us put light on some of these safety features of the garage door openers.

Security features

The security of the garage can be enhanced with the help of advanced rolling codes. By changing the settings of your garage door remote, you can change its code anytime which will make it difficult for the burglars to access your garage. There are many features related to the security codes and you can access those for increasing your garage’s security.

Photoelectric eyes

These are the sensors that are mounted on the wall up to the height of about 6 inches from the ground. The main purpose of these sensors is to prevent the door from closing in the case anything comes in its way. This feature is great to protect you and your loved ones from unwanted injuries. However, to check if the photoelectric eyes are working well, you can block them with your hand and then close the door. If door does not get closed, it means they are working otherwise you can consult a professional.

Auto reverse feature

When your garage door opener is incorporated with this feature, you don’t need to worry about anything coming in the contact or way of the garage door. Imagine a case that your garage door is closing and someone/something comes in its contact. In such a case, if your opener is having auto reverse feature, then the door will again return to opening position without causing any damage to the thing or person coming in its way.

Despite these main features, there are some other features which tend to enhance the security of your garage door. These include motion detector, manual release mechanism, lights and more.